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The Corona Pandemic and CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units

The corona virus pandemic seems to be a fundamental choice for people looking to move out of crowded cities, warming up to the idea of living big in a smaller house,

tiny homes, defined as anything 400 square feet and below – are now breaking into the mainstream consciousness.

CUBE-CASA offers a lifestyle that prioritizes the naturally attainable pleasures of quiet living, in total luxury.

CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units offers Tiny living in Luxury, check out their line-up of different models to choose from.

According to a recent survey, 60 percent now say that would live in a tiny home.

The steep rise of home prices coupled with a shortage in affordable housing is one big reason why tiny homes are considered an attractive option.

CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units is the right choice for living Tiny in Luxury.

Other factors behind the appeal of CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units include efficiency, eco-friendliness, and a minimalist lifestyle.

CUBE-CASA overflow system prevents accidental flooding.

Interested in getting a CUBE-CASA as a new starter tiny home? Talk to us by filling up the form through this link: Contact Us


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