cube casa plug and play

Expand CUBE-CASA Shell with Plug and Play Modules

Be your own architect, you can easily expand your basic CUBE CASA shell by ordering optional Plug and Play CUBE CASA Modules, move existing exterior Wall Modules to expand the living room, create additional bedrooms, garage, trellises, sun, or garden deck.

CUBE CASA uses a Magnesium Oxide board (also named MgO board) is a multi-functional fire-resistant sheet material of high quality. Magnesium Oxide Board is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects; does not feed mold or mildew; is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-combustible; is durable, maintains its dimensional stability – even when wet; and has exceptional bonding surface, due to its advanced technical features and benefits.

MgO-based products are considered to be a better, “greener”, an affordable alternative to existing board materials, for example; calcium silicate board, plywood board, gypsum, or fiber-cement-based boards.

CUBE CASA Modular Living Units are built in a controlled factory environment with a rigorous quality control program and less waste than typical construction methods.

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