cube-casa oficina

CUBE-CASA OFICINA as office, COVID Quarantine Shelter ?

Another interesting trend is the use of a backyard office, more people around the world are now working from home, CUBE-CASA OFICINA concept is an attractive option for creating a designated space for work.

You can consider renting out a CUBA-CASA OFICINA meaning that it would be a multifunctional and possibly income-generating asset.

The CUBE-CASA team sees a future beyond COVID-19, modules could be modified to provide rapid testing and screening, reducing hospital visits. Additionally, the CUBE-CASA modules could likely be used to provide vaccinations like those for the seasonal flu, travel, nonscheduled child vaccines, or those recommended for college or work.

CUBE-CASA Modules can function as individual, free-standing units, or connect with segregated spaces for COVID healthcare workers, or patients that prefer their own private living quarters, separated from the main house.

Contact the CUBE-CASA Design Team, to help you create a custom-made office lay-out that suits you most.

Interested in getting a CUBE-CASA Oficina as a new home office? Talk to us by filling up the form through this link: Contact Us


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