multi-cube foundation anchoring system

CUBE-CASA MULTI-CUBE Foundation Anchoring System

For as many types and varieties of manufactured homes as are now produced there are equally as many varieties of installation and support systems. CUBE-CASA MULTI-CUBE Foundation Anchoring System is an Innovative, Strong, Solid, Safe, and practical and cost-competitive solution. (PATENT PENDING.)

The MULTI-CUBE is made of heavy gauge steel and can be permanently secured with ground anchors embedded in the concrete piles, these anchors can give horizontal resistance necessary for wind load resistance.

In higher seismic zones, concrete slabs and piles are required to meet more stringent design and engineering requirements.

MULTI-CUBE Foundation Anchoring System is designed to move under pressure from the earth below.

MULTI-CUBE BEAM CONNECTOR system is easier, and faster than other methods. The final product has a better structural strength then traditional methods while providing a sleek, classy look.

CUBE-CASA BEAM MODULES are made from Galvanized structural steel laminated, and Marine grade reinforced composite.

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