CUBE-CASA as Investment Property

A new trend in the tiny house industry is to purchase a CUBE-CASA unit as an investment property, not to live in, but to rent out as B&B and earn extra income.

The increasing cost of home prices coupled with a shortage in affordable housing is one big reason why CUBE-CASA affordability is an attractive option.

CUBE-CASA is the most affordable and durable Modular Housing System available in the market today, easy installation, and the possibility to dismantle and move to a different location makes investing in CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units a NO brainer.

Air conditioning is an important amenity, CUBE-CASA inverter technology and 4-inch insulation for roof and walls reduce significantly energy and maintenance cost.


A modular box gutter placed in the center of the roof, with double 300 MM width downspouts collect and harvest rainwater stored in 2 underground ABS plastic tanks, that can be used to water plants or flush the toilet, the perforated screen panel and, smart prevent obstruction from debris and dry leaves.

The capacity of the gutter is designed to provide adequate disposal of the heavy rainfall usually associated with summer thunderstorms, CUBE-CASA overflow system prevents accidental flooding.

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