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Which Tiny Home Model is Right for You?

There’s a lot that goes into making such a big decision, such as choosing the right tiny home model. To start you can check out CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units at www.cube-casa.com

CUBE-CASA developed a composite beam system reinforced with CONSTONE concrete wall cladding that forms a solid structural shell ( PAT. PENDING ).

CUBE-CASA Modular LiVing Units can be easily transported by truck and placed according to the prospective resident’s preference.

With a concrete pile foundation in place, CUBE-CASA is bolted and connected to the local electric power, water, and sewer system.

CUBE-CASA promotes sustainable building materials, the 4-inch thick wall insulation, keeps the heat out and the interior cool, a smart gray water harvesting gutter collects rain and is stored in ABS plastic water tanks for watering plants and flushing the toilet CUBE-CASA overflow system prevent accidental flooding.

CUBE-CASA is the most Modern, Versatile, Affordable, and Durable Modular Tiny Housing System available in the market today, easy installation, and the possibility to dismantle and move to a different location make investing in CUBE-CASA Modular Living Units is a NO brainer.

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